New Marbecca spoilers

New Marbecca spoilers, thanks to the forum. 

Episode 4164 Tuesday, October 16th 2012

It is not easy for Marlene to separate from her part of the „No Limits” which was a sort of common baby with Tristan. However, when Tristan and Marlene are getting close to each other once again during an emergency, she recognizes that Tristan still hopes for a reconciliation. Nevertheless, she is sure of her feelings and wants to make a clear break.

Episode 4165 Wednesday, October 17th 2012

Marlene is shocked by the fact that Tristan wants to keep on suffering, only to obstruct her chance of a new beginning. Meanwhile Rebecca fears that Marlene will still need a long time to clear her situation with Tristan and to become free to find happiness together. Tanja makes it clear to Marlene that she will have only a chance to attain happiness if she takes it. Will she heed Tanja’s advice and stand by Rebecca?

Episode 4166 Thursday, October 18th 2012

For the moment Marlene wants to live her love to Rebecca secretly. She doesn’t want to face up to the reactions of the family and particularly those of Tristan. Even when Tristan increasingly provokes them and treats them like the pawn of his whims, she still wants to spare him. Nevertheless, when she feels how much she hurts Rebecca with her wish to keep their love a secret and not to tell the world, she decides to tell Tristan the truth but she doesn’t know in what danger she puts herself with it …

Episode 4167 Friday, October 19th 2012

When Tristan puts her under pressure Marlene doesn’t manage to tell him of her relationship with Rebecca. Although Rebecca shows understanding Marlene still feels that it’s difficult for Rebecca living their love in the closet. Marlene organizes a romantic surprise for Rebecca, cause she means to show her how strong her feelings are for her - 
Rebecca is deeply moved.


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